Assess wood-based biofuel quality quickly with the new Biofuel Analyzer.

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Energy, water and ash. These are the three most important parameters for both sellers and buyers of biofuels. A quick and reliable determination of these values is essential for a correct valuation of the fuel.

Fuel characteristics

To know exactly how your fuel will perform is also very important. Is it too wet? Or is it too dry, requiring you to mix it with a fuel containing more water? The BioFuel Analyzer allows you to make these decisions quickly and with confidence.

Ideal for biofuel heat and electricity power plants (CHP)

The Biofuel Analyzer is ideal for everyone involved in producing, selling, delivering and consuming wood-based biofuels. Not only will it analyse the quality of fuels, it will also help optimise its use.

Easy to use

Taking a fuel measurement is incredible easy. Just fill the sample container, put it into the machine, and press a button. The technology is not dependent on the density of the material or its temperature.


Fuel valuation

Correctly assess the monetary value of your biofuel by measuring its true energy, water and ash content.

Fuel quality

Knowing the current characteristics of the biofuel allows for a more efficient incineration process.

Fast and easy

The BioFuel Analyzer is incredibly easy to operate and it only takes around 2 minutes to analyze a sample container.


The Biofuel Analyzer is easy to integrate with existing ERP systems so that you can keep track of fuel quality. The system also has optional RFID labelling to make accurate automatic tracking even easier.

Analysing biofuels

As the world is moving toward increased use of biofuels, it’s becoming increasingly important to gauge the quality of the fuel in order to reach a correct valuation. Analysing a sample in the Biofuel Analyzer will only take a few minutes and will provide a wealth of information.


The Biofuel Analyzer will tell you the true energy content (as received) of your fuel sample. It is an accurate analysis expressed in MJ/kg.


The moisture content (%) is quantified, which can be used for monitoring the fuel’s target moisture content in your process.


The ash content (% dry) quantifies the amount of inert material in the sample.

Types of biofuel

One of the unique capabilities of the Biofuel Analyzer is its ability to measure a whole range of common biofuels.


Logging residue

Branches, tree tops, stumps, bark and anything else left over from normal logging operations. Usually chipped into green or brown wood chips (depending on content).


Wood chips

High-quality wood chips, primarily used in the pulp and paper industry and as a clean biofuel.


Recycled wood

A biofuel consisting of chipped or crusched furniture, wood construction materials and any other wood-based recycled material.


Sawmill by-products

High-granular fuel made up of saw dust, cutter shavings and grinding powder.



A residual biofuel created as a by-product from saw mills and the pulp industry.

Technical specifications


Weight 500 kg
Size (L x W x H) 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.8 m
Power 230 VAC
Power consumption 700 W (100 W standby)
Operating temperature  +10 – 40 ℃
Screen size 20 inches
Network Ethernet, 1 Gbps
Sample container
Size 3 litres