The FlowScanner

Optimized process performance by knowing key parameters of the raw material.

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The FlowScanner is a complete measurement solution for wood chips in large industrial quantities. It’s the only instrument built to accurately measure the key parameters of all the raw material used in large industrial processes such as pulp, paper and bio-energy.

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More than measuring the moisture

The dual X-ray technology reveals a range of data about the organic material on the belt such as moisture, dry mass flow, weight and foreign objects.

Density icon

Dry mass | The dry fiber mass flow is a very important measurement parameter to achieve a stable digester control. When used together with the moisture content, it is possible to optimize the balance between dry fiber, white liquor and liquids.

Moisture icon

Moisture | Whether it is organic material or free water, snow, or ice, the FlowScanner delivers this fundamental property with high accuracy, in an instant.

Weight icon

Weight | The FlowScanner has two X-ray energy sources measuring across the full width of the belt, delivering wet mass flow rates. Together with the moisture measurement, the amount of bone-dry material in the process can be determined.

Objects icon

Foreign objects | Inorganic high density materials, such as metal or rocks, produce different signals on the X-ray detectors. A size limit can be set so that larger objects trigger an alarm for removal whilst smaller items are recorded only for review purposes.

Improve the whole fiberline process

Compensated material variations

by bringing greater stability
and reducing uncertainty. 

Cooking liquor savings

by using the cooking liquor according to the material present.

Greater yields

More pulp into the blow tank.

Increased production

by stabilized process.

Reduced fiber consumption

by tighter kappa control.

Increased availability

by detecting foreign objects and avoiding damages.