Mantex products deliver
real time analysis of organic materials
used in industrial processes.

Biofuel quality assessment

As the world is increasingly relying on wood-based bio fuels, there’s an increased demand for correct valuation from both sellers and buyers. The high variation in the physical properties of these fuels also make important to know exactly what you put in the incinerator.

BioFuel_Analyzer_isolated_500x500We can now offer a solution to these problems. The new BioFuel Analyzer quickly measures the true energy, moisture, and ash content of your fuel.

This product is ideal for CHP (combined heat and power plants), supplier, distributors and anyone else with a vested interest in bio fuel quality.

Bio energy solutions

Making better pulp and paper

For many years Mantex’ Flow Scanner products have helped the chemical pulp and paper industry become even more efficient. Our advanced wood chip scanners allow for real-time and accurate control of the chemical pulp production process.

FlowScannerReal-FirstPageInstead of relying on very small samples and inaccurate approximations you can now track the changes to the raw materials as they go into the digester, in order to meet and improve on target kappa values.

Join the expanding group of Europe’s premier pulp processing plants and see what our technology can do to make better pulp for better paper!

Pulp and paper solutions


Why use dual-energy X-rays?

High energy photons, in the form of x-rays, penetrate right through the whole material in an instant. Two different energies means several measurements can be made on flowing material with high accuracy. Mantex have turned this technology (qDXA) into rugged and safe products suitable for industrial applications.

 More about qDXA

We really like the Flow Scanner´s ability to detect debris such as rocks and metal.

– Christer Jonsson, Domsjö

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