Real time analysis of organic materials used in industrial processes.

Biomass Analyzer

Biomass Analyzer

The Biomass Analyzer quickly measures the true energy, moisture, and ash content of your biomass.

It is ideal for CHP (combined heat and power plants), supplier, distributors and anyone else with a vested interest in biomass quality.

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Type approved by Biometria

The Biomass Analyzer is type approved by Biometria, meaning that the machine can officially be used as a measuring method to determine price and quality on the market for sawmill chips and sawdust.

Mantex Biomass Analyzer plays an important role
in a highly automated flow

Reputable Swedish pulp mill Waggeryd Cell has a high level of automation in the production.

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Waggeryd Cell

Flow scanner © ANDRITZ


Our advanced wood chip scanner allows for real-time and accurate control of the chemical pulp production process.

Quickly detect feedstock variations and improve your Kappa.

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FlowScanner at Suzano’s giant Cerrado project in Brazil

Extra large FlowScanner for handling eucalyptus raw material flows on high-bandwidth conveyor belts. Made in Sweden, delivered and assembled in Brazil. 

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