A new way to analyze biomass

Mantex develops and sells solutions for the analysis of wood-based raw materials and biomass in the paper and pulp industry, the bioenergy industry, and other sectors.

Great savings and environmental gains for customers

We have developed the FlowScanner and Biofuel Analyzer measuring systems, which use X-ray technology and advanced software to analyze the moisture and ash content of wood-based raw materials and biomass. The measurement data enables both significant financial savings and great environmental gains for customers in the bioenergy and paper and pulp industries.

Our technology contributes to the green transition

The FlowScanner contributes to a more optimized use of raw materials and reduced use of chemicals in the production of pulp. Since 2018, the FlowScanner is manufactured and distributed globally through Andritz Technologies AB, a company we co-own with global systems integrator Andritz AB. 

The Biofuel Analyzer streamlines the combustion process in the bioenergy industry, and facilitates the valuation and pricing of biomass. Field testing of our new and improved Biofuel Analyzer began in December 2021. The tests will be evaluated in the spring as we transition into the commercialization phase.


Our core competence is situated in Kista, north of Stockholm. It is home to technology and product development, as well as sales and executive management. We are a group of about ten employees. Our manufacturing is done in cooperation with partners, including the contract manufacturer Högbloms in Vallentuna.

Our story in brief

Mantex can trace its origins to feasibility tests with wood chips in a bone mineral density hospital scanner. As the results correlated with the material types and moisture contents, the potential for global domination was quickly understood.

After years of research and development in the 2000s, Aditya Birla (of Domsjö Fabriker at that time) ordered the first Flow Scanner, which was installed in 2010.

In 2011, Waggeryd Cell AB ordered the first Desktop Scanner, the predecessor to Biofuel Analyzer, for wood chip sample measurements.

The successor, Biofuel Analyzer for biofuel materials, began trials with assorted samples from across Sweden and beyond in 2015.

In 2016, Mantex entered into a partnership with Andritz to accelerate the launch of the Flow Scanner on the global market.

The year after, 2017, Mantex was listed on the Nasdaq First North.

The cooperation with Andritz evolved into a joint venture in 2018, Andritz Technologies, encompassing development and sales of the Flow Scanner. This enabled Mantex to focus on completing the development of the Biofuel Analyzer.

In December 2021, the final field tests before commercialization were conducted in collaboration with Mälarenergi.