Our Flow Scanners have you covered

No two mills are exactly the same. The Flow Scanner has been designed to be adaptable to most installation sites and to meet the application requirements.

The standard Flow Scanner can be configured for different materials, flow rates, temperature ranges, belt specifications, interface requirements and size restrictions. Modifications to the existing design are regularly made for site specific installation demands. The product can also be customised to meet a specific application or function.

Choose the standard Flow Scanner here for conveyor belts up to 1,2m width.

Mantex AB clearly document the site preperation work to be completed by the customer as well as the Mantex product specifications and project plan. Bring us the electricity, water and air and we do the rest!


Material profiles

The Flow Scanner can be configured for any material used in the pulping process. Each material is analysed at the Mantex laboratories for compatibility with the Dual X-ray algorithms. Choose from the existing material profiles listed or contact Mantex for new profiles. One material profile is included in the base product.


Generally all dissiduous (evergreen) trees are softwoods. Material proiles include Pine and Spruce. Fir and other softwood species can be present in the material.


Broad leaf trees that shed their leaves in winter. In the pulping industry it means Birch, Beech and Eucalyptus.


The Flow Scanner Material profiles can include other species within the same type (hardwood or softwood) or even mixed hardwood and softwood materials.

Add options to your machine

Further configurations available to suit many environments and requirements.

Heating unit

Internal regulated heating of critical elements to cover ambient temperatures below +10 ℃ but higher than -10 ℃.

Large heating unit

Internal regulated heating of critical elements to cover surrounding temperatures below +10 ℃ but higher than -20 ℃.

Cooling unit

Internal regulated additional cooling units for critical items, plus increased internal heat exchanger capacity, for surrounding temperatures up to 50 ℃.

Volume and Bulk density measurement

The Bulk Density feature is built upon the Flow Scanner’s unrivaled mass flow function together with an accurate feed profile meter. Integrated software delivers on-line values and can be extremely helpful to identify reasons for digester disturbances unrelated to moisture change.

Belt monitoring

Conveyor belts are constantly subject to wear-and-tear that could eventually lead to a costly failure during production. The Flow Scanner constantly monitors the conveyor belt condition and can provide early indicator reports of material thickness, splits, cracks, and excessive sideways movement.


Mantex use an on-line monitoring program for the Flow scanners own internal self-diagnostic programs. In this way we ensure optimum availability and accuracy. Typically in-field systems now have >99% availability.