Going global with Andritz

In January 2017 we signed an extensive sales agreement with ANDRITZ, a global company with over 25,000 employees in 40 countries. This means that we can now service customers, in all parts of the world, with the help of ANDRTIZ’ Pulp & Paper.

For a small company like Mantex, it’s exceptionally valuable to have a partner with ANDRITZ’ knowledge and reach. For you, as a pulp mill operator, it translates into peace of mind.

Local sales with local knowledge

ANDRITZ is a global supplier to the pulp and paper industry.

Reaping the full benefits of a Flow Scanner requires fiberline experience, and with ANDRITZ you can draw on an extensive pool of knowledge. In addition to your own personnel, ANDRITZ can make their own process engineers, R&D staff, and cooking experts available.

Fiberline innovation

The Flow Scanner will tell you everything you need to know about your wood chip flow, but how do you use that information in the best possible way? What’s the best way to adjust your digester and fiberline to the Flow Scanner’s data? This is where ANDRTIZ´ in-depth fiberline know-how, bundled with Mantex extensive experience in Flow Scanner and DCS (Digester Control System) integration, can be invaluable in technical discussions with your process engineers and operations personnel.

Site preparation and installation

The Flow Scanner is designed for minimal interruption installation without a long production stop, but it’s a big instrument and there’s quite a lot of site planning and preparation involved for everything to go smoothly. A joint Mantex and ANDRITZ installation team will work together with your staff to create a plan that keeps fiberline interruptions to an absolute minimum. ANDRITZ can then complete any site preparation work to make certain it meets all Mantex requirements and that the installation proceeds according to plan.


ANDRITZ is on hand to help at start-up, with calibrations, training, and handover to get the Flow Scanner into operation in the shortest possible time.


A Flow Scanner at a Swedish paper mill.

Connecting the Flow Scanner’s data directly to your Digester Control System enables substantial cost savings, stabilized product quality, and other benefits. We realize that real-time feedforward control is a new concept and we have therefore developed a step-wise process for DCS integration.

Local support

ANDRITZ support engineers have a presence at almost every mill in the world, and they are perfectly suited to support the Flow Scanner if the need arises.


The Flow Scanner is at the cutting edge of sensor technology and Mantex is constantly improving it with both new hardware and software. Local Andritz support is our way of making sure that there’s local assistance to help you with future upgrades.

If you would like to know more about the Flow Scanner, don’t hesitate to contact your local Andritz representative. Or contact Mr. Harvey Washbrook, Sales Manager Pulp and Paper, at harvey.washbrook@mantex.se or +46 70-877 06 79.