Kraft mill enjoys great improvements with Flow Scanner

Flow Scanner boosts European kraft mill

At the beginning of 2015 we installed and completed the integration of a Flow Scanner at a kraft mill located in Central Europe. Almost immediately there was a substantial reduction in white liquor consumption and improvements in yield as tighter overheads could be maintained and cooking parameters optimised. The consistent and reliable operation over an extended period of time have categorically and decisively shown the benefits to be directly due to the Flow Scanner. At time of print the Flow Scanner has been in full integrated operation at the mill for over 12 months with very satisfactory results.

Even before the Flow Scanner installation, the mill was regarded as already having achieved a high standard of efficiency with excellent Kappa stability and quality. Yet the Investment Return Ratio (IRR) is almost 200% without considering an increase in production levels or subsequent improvements further down the fibre line. For the first time the mill can know its true production level on a daily basis, from fibre to finished product.

The pulp mill in question wishes to remain anonymous. Fortunately Andritz have been able to verify the installation site.

What does the Flow Scanner do?

The Flow Scanner accurately measures the dry content and moisture of the wood chips entering the digester, and already has a proven track record of significantly improving mills producing viscose pulp with the sulphite process.

Here are some of the benefits with using a Flow Scanner:

  • The amount of cooking liquor can be directly matched to the dry fibre content.
  • Ensure a correct wood-to-liquor ratio to achieve consistent quality.
  • Lower chemical consumption.
  • A more stable production process with less stoppages.
  • Detect foreign objects for removal before they can damage pumps and filters.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how the Flow Scanner can benefit your pulp mill!