Please note that the Log Scanner has been discontinued.

Identify rocks and metals
before they damage the chipper


What is the cost to a mill if the chipper is destroyed? How much can downtime and maintenance be reduced? How much would it help to know the wood consumption?

We have developed the first intelligent baggage scanner for logs that also measures the weight, volume, diameter and density. On-line and in real-time. Stops are minimised and false alarms almost eliminated to ensure production is kept at the maximum. If 60 seconds is saved for each time there was an alarm how much will the mill benefit?

Since installation at a pulp mill the Log Scanner has paid for itself many times over by preventing large items from reaching the chipper. It has become a trusted tool in the woodroom for quickly identifying and deciding which objects are dangerous and which can be ignored. The information provided on the raw material flow useful has also proved useful for understanding logistics through the mill.

Find rocks and stones

Whether underneath, in between, inside, or on top, the Log Scanner can detect those items that metal detectors miss.

Shorter stops

The Log Scanner produces a two dimensional image of the detected items. Operators can quickly locate items so the production is quickly back underway.

Fewer stops

With a terminal screen in the operators control room images can be instantly viewed and false alarms overridden. Alarms are raised and images sent within 2 seconds of the item being detected for speedy decisions.

Safety first

Imagine the results when a large rock enters the chipper. Personel nearby are in danger of flying stones or worse if the chipper leaves its mountings. Let the Log Scanner do the dangerous work.

Find metals

Even non-ferrous metals cannot escape the Log Scanner. Large or small.

Track contamination trends

All unwanted objects are detected, identified, tagged and archived to make it possible to track trends of increased gravel, sand, rocks, nails, etc to aid causes identification.

Self calibrating

The Log Scanner regularly performs self tests to automatically maken calibration adjustments.

Log Scanner detects giant 1000 kg rock!


– a true story

A packaging paper plant in Gävle, Sweden, was saved from an expensive stoppage in August 2013 when the imaging sensor in their Log Scanner detected a huge rock amid the logs on the conveyor belt (see X-ray image on left). Amazingly, the 1-tonne rock had travelled undetected via truck and railroad to the plant and was about to go straight into the chipper.

Use the power of X-rays

The advanced technology of the Log Scanner can provide even more information than foreign object detection. Advanced software can calculate a number of physical parameters as your logs are scanned by the machine.


Measure wood consumption

The Log Scanner can provide accurate measurement of the log weights and volumes. This information helps to know material flow around the mill, estimate chip storage, plan effective service stops.

Know your wood!

The Log Scanner can even provide information on the diameter and density of logs. Knowing the amount of logs from forest thinning may be useful when mixing sawmill chips and keeping a constant fibre strength.

Any single logs (not overlapping), where the volume and weight can be attributed to the same log, can give a log density figure for comparison of seasonal variations, and regional differences.

Rugged X-ray technology

The Mantex Log Scanner uses the same dual energy X-ray technology designed to run for years in the tough woodroom operations environment. There are no moving parts, no recalibrations needed, and no optics to clean. The system is built to widthstand vibrations, dirt, splashes and temperatures with easy maintenance and continuous 24/7 operation.

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External interfaces and remote access

The unit has communication interfaces that enable data and images to be displayed in the control room. By connecting the Log Scanner to a local network images can be accessed by authorised users. Remote surveillance and software upgrades are also possible when connected to the internet.

Log Scanner specifications

The Log Scanner is built on the same X-ray principles as the Flow Scanner and covers the conveyor belt between the debarking drum and the chipper.

The standard product can be configured for different tree types, flow rates, temperature ranges, belt specifications, interface requirements, and area restrictions. Modifications and customizations can be made to the existing design for site-specific installation requirements. 

Technical specifications

The specifications below relate to the standard Log Scanner configuration. Almost all items can be customised to meet specific requirements. Weather protection is required if located outside.

Weight 1200 – 1500 kg
Size (L x W x H) 1.7 x 2.3 x 3.1 m
Electrical and climate cabinets Located seperately
Operating temperature +10 – 35 ℃
Extended operating temperature -35 – 40 ℃
Max Log thickness  700 mm
Humidity 50 -100%
Power (EU)
Voltage 400 VAC, 50-60Hz
Current 16 A
Power 1000 W
Belt width up to 1400mm
Belt speed 1-2 m/s
Belt angle  max 10 0C
Belt thickness 20 mm, non-metallic
Material on belt Debarked logs of hard- or softwood
Log moisture interval 30 – 65 %
Pressurised air available Yes
Filtered cooling water available Yes
Foreign object detection specification
Steel objects, min size 5 x 5 x 5 mm
Soft metal objects (Al, Cu etc.), min size 20 x 20 x 20 mm
Stones, min size 70 x 70 x 70 mm
Signal latency (from detection to alarm) 2 s


Foreign object detection accuracy
The confidence of detecting foreign objects depends on type of log flow and is related to what rate of false detections is acceptable. Typically above 95 %.

The Log Scanner is extremely robust with up-times exceeding 99 %.

Radiation safety
Complies with local legislation for personel protection. Shut-off when entering belt area for removing objects. Emergency stop. Safety interlocks for service maintenance.

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