Please note that this product has been discontinued and has been replaced by the BioFuel Analyzer.

BioFuel Analyzer

The ultimate tool for quick and accurate
analysis of organic material samples


The Desktop Scanner is a multi-purpose bio-material sample analysis tool. Designed for production and laboratory applications in industrial processing industries such as pulp, bio-fuel, and bio-power, it quickly provides valuable information about the organic material used.  The Desktop Scanner is extremely robust and has been designed for long lifetime with minimal maintenance. In the last three years it has been used continuously in testing conditions without issue.

Many organic materials

The Desktop Scanner can handle various types of bio-materials and in various forms from clean wood chips and sawdust to mixed species, bark, forest residues, pellets, pulp, black liquor and many more. Materials can be boiling hot or freezing cold.


The Desktop Scanner can measure moisture but can also be adapted to measure weight, dry content, bulk density, ash content, energy value, scrap content, and image analysis and even trace element analysis.

High Accuracy

In testing and validating the Desktop Scanner has demonstrated accuracy levels from 0.3 to 2.0% moisture MAE (Mean Absolute Error) compared to the same sample analysed by gravimetric oven method. The accuracy depends on the sample type.


The Desktop Scanner can analyse a 3 litre sample in 60 seconds. No sample preparation required. The simple touch screen interface and easy loading lets anyone use it. The Desktop Scanner means every delivery can be tested and process changes monitored. More productivity for less resources.


The scanner can have many material profiles included for a wide range of materials. Final calibration is completed either at the Mantex laboratory or on site. The machine has built-in functionality for auto-calibration before each measurement and a climate control system ensures stable results no matter what the temperature.

Remote access

By connecting the Desktop Scanner to a local network with internet access the instrument can be accessed by authorised users that are remotely located. The remote access subsystem includes functions for operating the machine as well as for software downloads, adding new material profiles, and Mantex support contact.