An organic world

Biofuel-picture-reducedOrganic material is the basis for most of the world’s industrial processes. We grow agricultural crops for food, textiles and fuel. We harvest our forests for wood to create building materials, paper and energy. And not only is organic material a renewable resource if managed properly, but many products are also recyclable and constitute the basis for new product production processes.

Interesting applications

Mantex’s technology can be applied to almost any organic material and can be extended to many applications, industries and markets. Some applications currently under consideration include recycled paper, sugar refinement, electric insulation, pellet production, and ethanol production.


[sugar] The food industry has to constantly deal with inhomogeaneous raw materials. As food resources continue to become more important Mantex technology will ensure the processes utilise the maximum potential and minimise waste and energy.

Biofuel production

[sewage, bioethanol, biogas] The biofuel industry is rapidly expanding and will play a major role in providing the energy the planet needs in the coming years. Moisture content has a large influence on the efficiency of biofuel processes. Mantex technology is ideally suited to measuring the key properties in the pipe.


Recycled paper

You would be surprised at all the different items that is contained in a bale of recycled paper. Everything from shoes to scrap metal. And of course a lot of water. Mantex technology is ideally placed to measure the amount of actual paper being purchased or used in the process as well as identify unwanted items.


Ensuring a fair price for the raw wood material purchased will become more important to pellet and briquet manufacturers as competition for resources increases. Mantex technology can also help optimise processes as well as quality control the final product for energy content, ash content, trace elements, bulk density,….