Put your Flow Scanner to the test

Being able to measure the raw material is a good start but what is the optimum way to integrate the data from the Flow Scanner? What is the strategy for the maximum effect when the product and processes are complex and dependent on each other?

Optimise your new investment

Our Flow Scanners are very versatile products and can help you improve many facets of your fibre line, but flexibility also comes at a price. How should you best utilize the instrument in your unique process? We provide consulting services to help you out and these are the factors we usually look at:

  • Measured Wood consumption – per hour, day, week, year | The Flow Scanner delivers unique data on material flow information never before possible. The ability to observe yields in connection with production activities provides valuable information to optimise the process.
  • Reduced Kappa variations | Is this the most important objective? What is the strategy to achieve this? Constant material flow or dynamically adjust to variations?
  • Optimised white liquor consumption | What are current limitations? How can dosage be controlled? How much can be saved?
  • Improved digester wash/displacement | Can tighter control over wood-to-liquor ratio result in lower water consumption?
  • Optimal Oxygen delignification | What is ideal digester Kappa required to maintain pulp strength?
  • Optimised bleaching | Can the average kappa number be raised?
  • Uniform pulp quality | What are the final product’s goals?

Leading consultants

Mantex works with world leading partners, among them ÅF and Eurocon.

Eurocon logotype

Eurocon is recognised the world over as a leading supplier of process control systems. Christer Svanholm has a lifetime experience of pulp digester control systems. We trust Eurocon to analyse specific mill requirements and goals and advise on the best Flow Scanner integration strategy.

ÅF‘s activity is global, and has over a century of experience and possesses competence that is as broad as it is deep. These are the factors that provide security and peace of mind for ÅF clients worldwide. The global reach of our operations ensures that we are well informed about the very latest technology.

Today we are a world-leading consulting organisation for the Forest Industry, with competence and resources in all necessary areas of expertise, from conceptualisation to implementation and troubleshooting. Our aim is always to be receptive to the needs of our clients and to help them to find cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions when investing in new systems, identifying and eliminating deficiencies, and optimising existing plants.