How to calculate the benefits of installing a Flow Scanner?

So better Kappa stability and increased production sound good. But how much economic benefit will there be at a mill? How should the benefits be calculated? Is the Flow Scanner a wise investment and what Return On Investment (ROI) can I expect?

Mantex offer several options to answer these points including reference customer comparison, calculations based on pulp mill models and specific site data, process simulations, site surveys and project plans with fixed costs.

Here is how we normally work:

Calculating benefits

An estimate of benefits at a particular mill is made from a calculation model based on the specific mill situation. This serves to indicate if a more thorough study would be justified. The benefits are usually proportional to the pulp production level at a mill. Typically a mill of 300,000 ADt/year can expect an ROI of under 12 months.

We come to you

We visit the mill and update the calculation model with actual data and process information supplied by your operators and engineers. The calculation model has been constructed from experiences working at several pulp mills, from research organisations (KTH, Royal Institute of Technology), as well as specialist industry consultants (ÅF Consult, Eurocon) and key personnel within the industry; Yngve Stade (former CTO Stora Enso) and Håkan Mattsson (evaporation expert).

Extensive calculation model

We have experience of continuous and batch digester pulp mills, dissolving and kraft mills, hardwood and softwood materials, with target Kappa numbers from 15 to 65. The calculation model used reflects the specific mill situation in question.


Verified results

The calculations are refined and reviewed with the advice of external independent industry consultants to obtain a realistic figure for the annual economic benefit.

Advanced simulation option

Frontway_logotypeWe also work together with FrontWay AB who have developed specialist simulation programs for the pulp and paper industry. These simulations can provide visual and dynamic representations of the digester process, show disturbances from variations in the raw material, and measure the consequence to the rest of the process further down the fibre line. It can compliment or alternative to the calculation model described above.

Fixed installation costs

Every mill has different installation requirements and challenges. We will complete a site survey to identify suitable installation locations, measure the belt and surrounding structures. A detailed report will cover site preparation work required by the mill, modifications and customisations required to the Flow Scanner, and a final fixed price.

Solution Design Study

Every Flow Scanner project includes a Solution Design study. This comprises the site survey to enable a fixed price quotation to be made and may, or may not, include the options above for calculating benefits.