Wood chip analysis for pulp process improvements

The wood chips used in pulp production have natural variations in moisture and density. The amount of water and bone dry fibre entering the process will vary. Analyzing the wood chips means a number of productivity and environmental profit advantages.

Biomass Analyzer

A quick and reliable determination of the moisture for an accurate evaluation of the biomass

The Biomass Analyzer enables a mill to swiftly and precisely measure the moisture for feedback and valuation. Being able to verify the raw material within specification is critical.

The Biomass Analyzer is ideal for everyone involved in producing, selling, delivering and consuming wood-based biomass such as wood chips and saw dust. Not only will it analyze the quality of fuels, but it will also help optimizing its use.

About Biomass Analyzer

Flow scanner © ANDRITZ

A more stable pulp production process with less waste, higher yield and fewer stoppages

The FlowScanner offers in-line and real-time measurement of 100% of the wood chips on the belt before they enter the cooking process. The FlowScanner measures Dry mass flow and Water mass flow with unbeatable accuracy.

Connect the FlowScanner directly to the mills Digital Control System to enable automatic feed-forward control of the cooking process (automatically charge alkali based on Dry mass signal and also automatically adjust wood/liquor ratio based on Water mass signal). The result is a more stable cooking process with more uniform pulp produced and a higher yield, less chemical consumption per ton pulp and with foreign objects detected before they cause damage.

About FlowScanner