Waggeryd Cell

Waggeryd Cell in Sweden produces high-quality BCTMP pulp that provides end products with high stiffness and bulk. Photo: Waggeryd Cell.

Waggeryd Cell analyzes the moisture content of incoming wood chips with Biofuel Analyzer

Waggeryd Cell is a reputable small Swedish pulp mill that produces pulp from wood chips for the production of paper and packaging products. The company is wholly owned by the ATA Group, a large Swedish producer of wood products, and the raw material consists mainly of sawmill chips from the sawmills within the ATA Group.

Waggeryd Cell specializes in the production of high-quality BCTMP pulp based on southern Swedish spruce and pine. The mill has been modernized and optimized to produce high-quality BCTMP pulp for customers around the world with applications requiring a clean pulp that provides high stiffness and bulk in the final product.

In March 2022, Waggeryd Cell signed an agreement with Swedish Mantex for the installation and leasing of a Biofuel Analyzer for the analysis of the moisture content of the incoming wood chips.

Waggeryd needs to measure the moisture content of the purchased wood chips to determine the price and quality of incoming deliveries, and the order follows a lengthy evaluation of the Biofuel Analyzer that Mantex and Waggeryd conducted together.


The machine analyzed wood chips delivered directly from Waggeryd’s various suppliers. The measurement results were then compared in the laboratory with reference measurements from the same material. During the evaluation, the Biofuel Analyzer was able to meet Waggeryd’s requirements for moisture content measurement accuracy.

“The tests clearly showed that our Biofuel Analyzer meets the customer’s requirements by a good margin,” says Max Gerger, CEO of Mantex.

“By analyzing the wood-based raw material with the Biofuel Analyzer, we can quickly and efficiently get an accurate test result,” says Thomas Sandstedt, CEO of Waggeryd Cell.

“This means that we avoid time-consuming manual handling. We get an accurate value for each delivery after a few minutes, and we get control of all incoming wood chips.”

The machine was delivered in 2022.

More information about the Biofuel Analyzer

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Biofuel Analyzer

Mantex developed the Biofuel Analyzer primarily to meet the bioenergy industry’s need to efficiently measure key aspects of biomass, such as moisture, ash and energy content, in real time. But it can also be used to measure just the moisture content of purchased wood chips for paper and pulp mills.