As one of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced, the mill in Lencois Paulista is a benchmark in the industry. Photo: Bracell.

One of the world’s largest and also greenest pulp mills analyzes wood raw material with FlowScanner XL

In August 2021, Brazilian pulp producer Bracell started up its new mill in Lencois Paulista, which is located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The mill is not only one of the largest cellulose mills in the world, with an annual production capacity of three million metric tons, but also one of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced.

Among other things, the mill will be completely fossil-free and use renewable raw materials from sustainable forest production.

To optimize pulp production both environmentally and economically, the incoming wood raw material is analyzed by two FlowScanner XLs.

The FlowScanner XL is an extra-large version of FlowScanner, designed for customers needing to analyze large incoming flows.

They will be adapted on site to measure the larger chip volumes that will be involved when dealing with wider conveyor belts and larger flows of wood chips.

“As the need for more sustainable and renewable materials increases, a number of mills of this size will be built in the coming years, and our presence here has generated a lot of interest in our FlowScanner, not least in South America,” says Mantex CEO Max Gerger. 

The equipment for Bracell is sold through Mantex’s joint venture Andritz Technologies AB.

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