Mantex began serial production of five Biomass Analyzers in 2022. It was after discussions with several potential customers in the pulp and pellet industry, the interest was deemed sufficient to have a first series of five analyzers manufactured against stock. Production is performed in cooperation with the contract manufacturer Högbloms Legomontage in Vallentuna.

Jimmy Herneheim at Högbloms Legomontage is the head assembler for the Mantex Biomass Analyzer.

“When it comes to Biomass Analyzer, we work with the entire production chain,” explains Jonas Edlind, Sales Manager at Högbloms Legomontage AB in Vallentuna. “We purchase the material according to Mantex’s specifications. We assemble, stock and deliver to the customer.”

The X-ray sources and the software that controls the Biomass Analyzer and analyzes the sample are installed and assembled by Mantex’s own workers.

At Högbloms, we like long-term relationships, and these are products that will stand the test of time, says Jonas Edlind, Sales Manager at Högbloms.

Mantex will also set up a lab in Högblom’s production facility, where they will perform functional testing on the equipment and prepare it for delivery to the end customer.

“In parallel with the production of the first machine, Högbloms will draw up a production description for further production. We then replicate the approach for the remaining four machines,” says Jonas Edlind.

Högbloms also has the manufacturing contract for FlowScanner, Mantex’s second product, which is sold and manufactured by Mantex’s joint venture company Andritz Technologies AB. It is manufactured in a nearby production hall.

“At Högbloms, we like long-term relationships, and these are products that will stand the test of time. It feels good to have both Andritz Technologies and Mantex under the same roof. The technologies work in a similar way and we have the knowledge in-house. We have a close and transparent collaboration, which is the key to a long-term relationship,” says Jonas Edlind.

Jimmy och Jonas

Head Assembler Jimmy Herneheim and Sales Manager Jonas Edlind at Högbloms.


Five Biofuel Analyzers for measuring the moisture content of wood chips.

Biomass Analyzers for measuring the moisture content of wood chips are manufactured at Högbloms in Vallentuna.


Jonas Edlind and Jimmy Herneheim check the subcomponents to be assembled in the Biomass Analyzer.


Measuring moisture in wood chips

In the pulp and pellet industry, there is a need to measure moisture in wood chips quickly and efficiently in order to determine the quality and price of purchased chips. Determining the moisture content with the Mantex X-ray-based Biofuel Analyzer takes about 1–2 minutes, compared to 24 hours for the conventional, manual methods used on the market today.

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Biofuel Analyzer display

The Biofuel Analyzer is easy to use.