The team running Mantex

The team responsible for implementing the company’s strategy as determined by the board.

Max Gerger

Mr. Max Gerger

Born in 1962 and employed since 2016. Education: Master of Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Long experience from leading positions in major international corporations such as Ericsson, Infineon, and Intel. Additionally, CEO experience includes restructuring, growing, and internationalization of a number of entrepreneurial companies.

Ownership: 216 600 shares.
Other assignments: None.

Mr. Simon Grunditz
CFO (consultant)

Born 1985 and appointed in November 2023. Bachelor of Economics from Linköping University.

Previous positions at Trifilon, Nimly, Mips and Evitec. 

Ownership: None.
Other assignments: Consultant and CEO of Grufog AB and member of the board of Idus förlag AB.

Martin Frid

Mr. Martin Frid

Born 1980. Appointed in January 2023. Master of Science in Electric Engineering, Chalmers Univeristy of Technology, Gothenburg

Previous positions at engcon and Flowbird.

Ownership: 300 000 shares through Mafab Consulting AB.
Other assignments: None.

Juha Rantanen

Mr. Juha Rantanen

Born 1962. Appointed in October 2021. Master of Science, Uppsala University.

Previous positions at Xcounter and Conflux.

Ownership: 260 000 shares.
Other assignments: None.

Leif Adelöw porträtt

Mr. Leif Adelöw

Born 1970. Appointed in August 2023. Master of Science, Uppsala University. 

Previous positions at Royal Institute of Technology/KTH, Xcounter, Swedish Defense Research Agency/FOI and Varex imaging Sweden AB.

Ownership: None.
Other assignments: None.