Mantex partners with Andritz

We are happy to announce that the Flow Scanner will now be a part of Andritz’ global portfolio of solutions to the paper industry.

Complement to the Andritz ACE

‘We believe feed-forward digester control is the future and we have been able to verify Flow Scanner performance first-hand at pulp mills in Europe. We are confident that there are significant process improvements possible with this technology and are working to integrate this into Andritz’ ACE (Advanced Control Expert) and BAC (BrainWave Advanced Controller) software systems to fully operate a pulp process and measure its improvement’, says Ulf Lundström, Managing Director at Andritz AB and responsible for woodyard installations worldwide.

Andritz know the benefits

With a Flow Scanner you now have the ability to automatically control the white liquor dosage and wood-to-liquor ratio in the digester based on the exact amount of dry fibre and water entering the process. This allows for accurately control the cooking stage allows for reduced safety margins and greater stability in the whole pulp mill operation. ‘You don’t have to sell me on the benefits’, Ulf said when Mantex first presented the Flow Scanner technology.

Good for pulp mills

The agreement covers worldwide sales with focus on Europe and North America for new and existing digesters, continuous or batch, from any manufacturer. For further information, either contact Mantex, your local Andritz office or Ulf Lundström at