A world first at Frövi board mill in Sweden!

On 10 June the board mill in Frövi, Sweden, become the first continuous digester kraft mill in the world to connect the output from a Flow Scanner directly into their digester control system. The feed-forward loop control system will regulate the flow of black liquor to the top of the digester depending on the moisture content of the wood chips. The goal is to keep a constant liquid/wood ratio.

The Frövi plant installed the Flow Scanner in 2013 and has been monitoring its performance. Satisfied that the instrument reaches the specified levels of accuracy and availability Frövi further integrated the moisture content signal directly into their DCS system.

Here at Mantex we immensely proud of the confidence that Frövi has shown in our technology and we now look forward to helping Frövi optimize their pulp making process even further. And we wish to extend a big thanks to Mikael Elfwing, Production Engineer, and his team for the great work they’ve done!