Mantex new web

New web page

After a few months work we’re happy to announce the release of our new webpage here at Although we’ve had a website since the beginning the old site was starting to feel a bit old, used a technology that has fallen out of fashion (Flash), was hard to update and just didn’t cut it.

So we needed a new site! Together with Stockholm web agency Triggerfish we sat down and looked at our requirements. It had to be easy to use, work on tablets and in mobile phones, handle several languages and have a nice modern design. And since we have quite a lot of information that we like to share, it had to make it easy to find stuff.

We hope that the new web will make it easier to understand our products and to get in touch with us. Over the next few months we’ll be hard at work adding and improving content but if you find any serious bugs or have any comments, please lest us know through the contact form.

Happy Mantex surfing!